5 Best GOT Speeches

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Today I decided to rank my favorite Game of Thrones speeches. I’m going with speeches instead of scenes to help highlight the more subtle moments of Game of Thrones. If I went with scenes it would be nothing but heads getting chopped off 😦 I figured I would go slightly more in depth with my choices than just a slideshow. (Even though slideshows are crazy awesome)

#5 I Still Can’t Believe You’re Real (S2E05)

Man I love me some weepy Jorah Mormont. His sincerity almost makes you forget that he’s a 50 year old man pining for a 16 year old girl. Jorah has made a complete transition by this scene. No longer is he the King’s spy, sending Daenerys’ secrets back to King’s Landing in hopes of a royal pardon. Now he is fully devoted to Daenerys as her most trusted advisor and friend. If only she loved him back.

#4 A Man Who Lives Up to His Reputation (S3E06)

Every scene Tywin Lannister is in is a great scene. I almost chose Tywin’s “What Makes a Good King” speech to Tommen, but that speech is 100% Tywin talking and Tommen reciting answers like a parrot. This scene between Tywin and “The Queen of Thorns” Olenna Tyrell is a battle of mental giants. Each character is trying to pass off spoiled goods; Olenna has her secretly gay grandson Loras and Tywin sings the praises of his incest-loving daughter Cersei. Both characters have spent their lives mastering the politics of Westeros and Olenna almost gets the upper hand. Almost. Who knows, if Tywin had given in to Olenna maybe Joffrey would still be alive. Maybe Tywin would still be alive…

#3 You Killed Her Children (S4E08)

The Viper vs. The Mountain. Oh yeah. Sometimes Game of Thrones can get a little too chatty. In this scene Oberyn Martel chooses his words carefully when prying a confession out of the man who murdered his sister, The Mountain. Not satisfied with merely killing the unkillable Mountain, Oberyn wanted justice. He wanted The Mountain to name Tywin Lannister as the man who gave him the order to kill. In the end Oberyn got the Mountain’s confession. Too busy Oberyn’s teeth were somewhere in the 3rd row at that point.

#2 You Win or You Die (S1E07)

The Lannisters really give a good monologue don’t they? I imagine Tywin teaching his children the perfect way to give an underhanded compliment. This scene sets Cersei up as more than Robert’s wife or Jaime’s sister. Cersei is a force to be reckoned with. The typically stoic Ned Stark even gets in some good lines as the honorable man who has discovered the horrible truth about the Royal Family. In the end though this is Cersei’s scene. It’s Cersei’s world and Ned’s just living in it. For a few more episodes at least.

#1 Chaos is a Ladder (S3E06)

Here it is. No swords. No dragons. Just two dudes talking by a pointy chair. Littlefinger and Varys are 2 people who came from nothing and climbed all the way to the King’s small council. You’d think they would find common ground and work together. Wrong!  All Varys wants is a rightful King who will watch over a peaceful realm. And as Varys puts it, Littlefinger would see the world burn if he could be King of the Ashes. Ambition might be the most dangerous thing in Westeros.

*Update – So it looks like my pretty videos won’t play outside of youtube 😦 Oh well. You guys get the point. I’m not trying to fight city hall here. Or HBO for that matter. Go ahead and click that pretty link and take a stroll down youtube lane.


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