4 Most Overrated GOT Characters

I thought I’d spend a post talking about what really grinds my gears. There are so many amazing Game of Thrones characters that when I have to sit through a long drawn-out scene I wish The Mountain would magically appear and pop everyone’s faces like bubble-wrap. Below is a list of the 4 most overrated Game of Thrones characters from the series. Thats right, I base all of my evaluations from the show, not the books. Because I’m too lazy to make myself lunch, much less read a 2 thousand page book.

Forever Young...Thank the Seven!

Forever Young…Thank the Seven!

#4 – Robb Stark

Man did I hate Robb Stark! His stupidity won out at every turn. He had EVERY OPPORTUNITY to win the war and get vengeance for his dad Ned. What did he want to do? I was never really sure. Wine to his mommy some more I guess.

Lets look at the evidence. He was an absolute jerk to Tyrion when Robb was the acting Lord of Winterfell. I understand that the Starks hate the Lannisters but even Roose Bolton showed more courtesy when Jaime Lannister was his prisoner and Roose Bolton is flat out evil. His mother tells him not to let Theon leave. He lets Theon leave. His bannermen tell him to kill the Lannister spy. He basically fist-bumps the spy before letting him go. He beheads Lord Karstark for behaving brutally DURING A WAR. He goes off on Edmure Tully for not following directions HE NEVER GAVE EDMURE. Then he marries some nurse even though he was already engaged to the daughter of his strongest but most reluctant ally. Robb’s greatest asset was that he was pretty. The rest of my choices are still alive on the show but I had to take this opportunity to lash out against The King Who Lost the North.


#3 – Melisandre

Melisandre is a one-trick pony. It’s a pretty big trick but still. She’s spent too much time cooped up with TEAM STANNIS so now all of her spooky sayings and leechings feel a little “been there-done that”. Also most of her power feels like a giant coincidence. Yes, Stannis threw the leeches into the fire that symbolically killed Joffrey and Robb (And maybe Balon but who knows what’s going on with the Greyjoys), but in reality it was a goblet of poison and a dagger to the gut that killed the two kings.

Melisandre DID birth a shadow baby that killed Renly but c’mon, was it going to be THAT HARD to kill Renly? Renly and his “Knights of Summer” were in for a rude awakening if they went to war. It’s not like Renly’s army was filled with savages. Once Renly was dead his army was added to Stannis’ army and Stannis STILL LOST at Blackwater.

I think Season 5 will be a vast improvement for The Red Woman since she will have Jon Snow to torment at the Wall. There’s a reason why that 5 second scene between Melisandre and Arya is so awesome. It was something different for the character.


#2 – Tyrion Lannister

But? But? Tyrion’s so lovable! Tyrion’s so smart!

Is he?? Hodor could match wits with Cersei and Jaime Lannister. For 4 seasons now everyone praises Tyrion for his intelligence but when he’s placed next to some real schemers like Varys, Olenna Tyrell and Tywin, Tyrion comes up a little short. Hehehe.

As much as Tyrion loves to claim that he saved everyone at the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion was going to lose if Tywin and friends didn’t save the day. Tyrion has proven that he’s a selfish lust-filled beast on more than one occasion. When Tyrion was accused of killing Joffrey, Jaime offered his “freedom” for Tyrion’s and would have left the Kingsguard and become Lord of Casterly Rock just to save Tyrion from execution. (I know that sounds good for Jaime, but it’s against his very nature) What did Tyrion do? Threw a hissy fit and demanded a trial by combat.

He then had the balls to ask the one-handed Jaime to compete and probably die for him. Jaime smartly refused leading Tyrion to then make Bronn feel like a jerk for not wanting to die for Tyrion. Once the combat didn’t go Tyrion’s way Jaime STILL risked everything by breaking Tyrion out of jail before his execution. What did Tyrion do? He sneaks off and KILLS Tywin, his and Jaime’s dad. Tyrion’s cool and everything but I’m tired of people acting like he’s the beating heart of the series.


#1 – Daenerys Targaryen

My choice for the most overrated Game of Thrones character is Daenerys “Snore-born” Targaryen. First off, her name’s too hard to spell. Daenerys commits the biggest possible sin in Thrones land; she’s boring as hell. How did she possibly make a hot young Queen who controls 3 DRAGONS so boring?

Daenerys suffers from the same problem as Tyrion. She’s just plain rude. She’s not royal. She’s not dignified. She’s a rude, spoiled little princess. Which seems crazy considering the hell she’s gone through. You would think that by now she would have learned some humility. Nah, shes the Dragon-Queen. She’s going to do whatever she wants and sass off to anyone who tries to help her. These days the one guy she DOES trust, Daario, is a major question mark that she’s known for maybe 4 weeks. How do you trust a man who killed his 2 co-workers and threw their decapitated heads at your feet as his resume? Everybody loves a bad boy I guess.

Daenerys got a lot of good-will from the fans due to her marriage with Drogo that could have been incredibly creepy but they managed to make it work. They had a marriage of equals. I have a feeling if Drogo was around to see Dany’s childish “I wanna be Queen” behavior, she might be wearing a “gold crown” like her brother.

Weeelp. There you have it true-believers. The 4 people I could do without on Game of Thrones. As much as I complain, its all meant in good fun because the series would not be the addicting phenomenon it is without these characters.


3 thoughts on “4 Most Overrated GOT Characters

  1. I enjoyed reading this post, it’s fun to get different perspectives on characters.

    I do need to defends the King in the North on a few points.

    “His bannermen tell him to kill the Lannister spy. He basically fist-bumps the spy before letting him go.” – This was Robb’s BEST move. The spy provided Tywin bad information, that Robb was bringing his army to engage Tywin’s troops. Instead, Robb sent a diversionary force (Tywin said as much to Tyrion after the battle) and used his main force to defeat Jaime’s men, breaking the siege at Riverrun and obtaining a valuable hostage.

    “He beheads Lord Karstark for behaving brutally DURING A WAR.” – No, he beheaded Lord Karstark for slaughtering Lannister hostages when his sister Sansa was a Lannister hostage, his sister Arya was thought to be a Lannister hostage, and his two brothers were hostages of the Ironborn (who at any moment might become allies to the Lannisters.) Lord Karstark not only weakened Robb’s position but he put the Stark siblings at risk. And Robb would have put his family at risk by not dealing with Karstark harshly.

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    • Wow. Thanks for taking the time to toss your two cents in 🙂 Clearly Robb just wasn’t a favorite of mine lol. I have a feeling Tywin was not going to care about 2 random Lannisters. Tywin is the man who slaughters entire Houses if he believes its the right move for his family. Robb’s only hope of getting his sisters was getting to King’s Landing himself. There’s no way Joffrey was going to give Sansa up without a fight. To win that fight Robb needed the Karstark forces. Once they left he lacked the men he needed which played directly into Walder Frey and Tywin’s hands. Robb was just not the right leader for a tough Northern army. Robb’s prisons were turning into a medieval Holiday Inn. He didn’t have the stomach to kill. Lacking that killer instinct did him in.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 🙂 I appreciate the discussion!

        I do have a fondness for Robb, as I do with all the Starks, and I make a blogging living (meaning I’m still have a day job) of defending Game of Thrones’ character’s bad decisions.

        Looking forward to more discussions!

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