2 Book Characters GOT Season 5 Needs

OK, so I have NOT read the books so take all of this with a tasty grain of salt. I’ve been obsessed with all things Game of Thrones after binge watching the series last year. Far too much of my time has been spent watching YouTube theory videos, reading up on show spoilers and reading so many A Wiki of Ice and Fire pages that it makes my head spin. I like to think I know enough about the series to suggest which book characters are sorely needed for Season 5. And since I’m feeling generous I’ll even toss in my predictions for who should be cast!



What in the Seven Hells is a Gilly?


Does the last name look familiar? Oh yeah its the father of Lord Piggy himself, Samwell Tarly. Lord Randyll Tarly is known as a cold man who possesses a strong military mind. This man was born for war and even carries House Tarly’s ancestral Valyrian sword Heartsbane. In the books he’s typically Mace Tyrell’s strong right hand. Considering that Mace is a bumbling fool he needs all the help he can get. While Randyll was bred for war, his first-born son Samwell was born a coward.

Sam has mentioned the cruelty that his father put him through several times on the show. The reason Samwell is so appreciative of Jon Snow and his Night Watch brothers is because Sam never fit in with his own family. Also because his Dad is a royal arse. Once Randyll had another son he threatened Samwell’s life if he didn’t give up his claim and join the Night’s Watch so Samwell’s little brother could become Randyll’s heir.

I’ve been fine with the book characters the show has omitted so far like Aegon, Arianne and Coldhands. However Randyll Tarly has been mentioned on the show. Sam is an important character and a fan favorite. It seems like the show would be shooting itself in the foot if they didn’t include such a massive part of Sam’s life. Also Randyll could play a part in the power dynamic of King’s Landing given that it’s Tyrell central these days.

Now who do I think should play Lord Tarly? Hmmmmmmm?



Mr. Vinnie Jones is just plain awesome. I was originally going to go with Clive Owen here, but lets face it Clive’s probably too big for the role and Vinnie fits the part perfectly. He’s become type-cast as a tough villain for so long because he’s so damn good at it. His gravelly voice barking commands to soldiers and threats to Sam would fit perfectly with the show.

So who’s next? Below is the character who HAS to show up in Westeros sooner or later. I personally hope its sooner.


#1 – Howland Reed

The Lord of Greywater Watch and long-time friend to Ned Stark, Howland Reed. Like Randyll, Howland has children who are already playing a major part on the show; the lovable scamps Jojen and Meera Reed. Also Howland is the only living person who knows what happened at the Tower of Joy. Which means he was there when Lyanna Stark died (probably in childbirth) and should know what Ned Stark “promised” her right before she died. Plus there’s a tiny chance that Howland has magical abilities similar to the Children of the Forest!

Howland is cool because of how mysterious he is. He’s the leader of the Crannogmen who are basically Swamp Soldiers. His castle is on a moving island within the swamp so invaders never know where to attack. I’m really not sure if it’s going to be season 5 or later, but Howland has to show up to share the secrets from the Tower of Joy. So basically he needs to show up and tell Jon Snow who his real parents are. Also things didn’t go so well for Jojen up North so a few grieving father scenes would be touching. Keep on reading if you’re curious who I think would make the perfect Howlin’ Howland Reed.

Mister Anders..I mean Mister Stark!

Mister Anders..I mean Mister Stark!

Nobody plays a fantastical character quite like Hugo Weaving. Just imagine a mysterious hooded figure surprising Jon Snow and that face (and super creepy beard) shows up! Howland Reed is supposed to be a shorter man like his fellow Crannogmen and I think that Hugo would be the perfect choice for a slender yet imposing figure.

Could this whole post be for nothing? Is there a chance these two never show up on the show? Of course! But in my feverish little brain nothing would make me happier than to see these two Rad Dads show up and add some suspense to an already top-notch series in Season 5.


5 thoughts on “2 Book Characters GOT Season 5 Needs

  1. I like the idea of Vinnie Jones being Sam’s father, but he seems a bit thuggish for me. I’d actually like your choice for Howland Reed, Weaving, to be Lord Tarly.

    I love Hugo Weaving, but I think he’d be too tall for Howland Reed. I know you haven’t read the books, but whenever Reed is in Ned’s thought’s, it’s as “the little crannogman.”

    All of the denizens of the Neck, living out in the swamps are known for being smaller and slighter than the neighbors who are all descended from the First Men or the Andals. (It’s rumored that the crannog-folk are part Children of the Forest, but their small size is probably due to their limited diet in the swamps.)

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    • My issue with Weaving as Tarly is that I worry he’d be just another stern and stoic military commander and there’s already Stannis and Roose Bolton doing the same thing. And those 2 actors seem identical to me as it is. I think that someone with a thuggish character will stand out in a show filled with honorable men. Even if they’re evil they’re honorable! Sort of like an Alliser Thorne type. Or Mark Strong would be awesome.

      I knew Howland needed to be shorter but I had NO CLUE Weaving was 6’2. He’s always seemed like a smaller Tom Cruise type height-wise. Also it’s going to be impossible to find someone to appear short next to Jon Snow IF they share scenes. Kit is around 4’8. Whoever plays Howland would require camera trickery to appear short. Unless it’s Toby Jones! It just hit me that David “Lupin” Thewlis would be a great weirdo Reed. Martin Freeman would fit the shorty requirement.

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    • With as many Rhaegar + Lyanna references as we’ve gotten this year Howland’s gotta show up eventually. Just happy that early Season 6 news shows that Randyll Tarly should definitely be around.


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