Don’t worry faithful reader, we’ll get back to War for Westeros tournament shortly. I just felt like sharing a hunch I’ve had regarding the whole Daenerys/Sons of the Harpy plot…Especially since my Sweet Robin theory went up in flames 5 minutes into the season ūüė¶ Robin’s going to come back in Season 6 all buff thanks to the Lancel Lannister workout plan.


The Sons of the Harpy have been a real problem for Queen Daenerys this season. Thanks to a few critical errors on Dany’s part (chaining up her dragons / banishing Jorah / beheading a glorified extra last week), Daenerys is inciting some real anger from the Meereen locals. The Sons of Harpy have turned the tables on Dany using guerrilla warfare (and sneaky prostitutes) to attack members of Dany’s Unsullied. Why now? Why are the Sons of Harpy attacking in such force all of a sudden? Somebody must be calling the shots. Somebody who sees that Daenerys is vulnerable. Somebody like…..


                                                                                        Daario Naharis!

DAARIO. As always this is a SHOW-ONLY Theory. Daario has charmed the pants off the Dragon Queen at every turn.¬†Honestly I don’t think that Daario has plotted against her since the beginning. But I do think that Daario is a calculating man who will not fight for the losing side. Like Jorah said, this is a man who murdered his former co-workers and dropped their heads at Dany’s feet because he wasn’t able to have a resume printed last-minute.

People let me tell ya bout my beeeest friend!

People let me tell ya bout my beeeest friend!

I think Daario’s evil scheme started thanks to one of Dany’s bad ideas. Remember when she sent Daario off to hang out with the equally sketchy Hizdahr last season? Has anyone bothered asking what those two talked about while they were gone FOR MONTHS? Hizdahr is the leader of one of the most powerful families in Meereen. (thanks to Dany having his father crucified in the streets along with another 160 or so slavers) Hizdahr could’ve easily bought Daario’s allegiance in order to take down Dany from within and bring slavery back to Meereen.

Daario has questioned Dany’s authority to her face, mentioning that a Dragon Queen who can’t control her dragons is no Queen.¬†I don’t buy that Daario just “knew” that one of the Sons of the Harpy was hiding behind a wall. I think it’s more likely that this was an expendable member of the Sons that Daario could sacrifice to show that he was still on Team Dany. Later when Barristan asked to question that particular imprisoned Harpy, Daario brushed Barristan off, insisting that Daario had personally questioned the Harpy. Why wouldn’t Daario want someone¬†else questioning the Harpy? Is he worried that he would be ratted out?

I think Hizdahr is definitely aligned with the Sons of the Harpy as well, but he needs someone with the instincts and leadership qualities of Daario to put his plans in motion. Also it would be incredibly anti-climactic if it was just Hizdahr all along. I’ll give the show more credit than that. I think they will want a big surprise when they reveal who runs the Harpys. Also it will allow Jorah to show up smelling like roses when he finds his way back to his beloved Khaleeeeesi.

Loooove meeee.

Loooove meeee.

I think that Daario will be revealed as the leader of the Harpys at the end of¬†this season. Thats whats going to set Dany off on a rampage that will engulf Mereen in Fire and Blood. Daario will either die by Jorah’s sword or dragon fire for his crimes. I think the guy who plays Daario won’t stick around for another season thanks to a burgeoning movie career. So when he goes out in a blaze of glory this year its going to be BIG. So big that his deception will finally show Daenerys that Meereen is a giant suckhole and its time to get back to Westeros! FINALLY!

In closing…Daario is playing Dany. Daario is secretly in charge of the Sons of the Harpys..Daario will die for this..And so will the rest of Meereen. That town is going up in flames.



  1. Sounds legit. From a book reader point of view, I always thought that Jorah will carry on her war against slavery when she will leave for westerns. y’Know, given that he his an ex-slaver. However, with this greyscale spreading all over his body this doesn’t seem likely in the show


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