The War is Over. The War for Westeros has come to a close here at Silent Sisters Stadium. Below you’ll find the Elite 8 results as well as the final matches. By the end of the post the One True King shall be revealed. Again this tournament follows the SHOW ONLY and the winner will be who I think would make the best ruler of Westeros.


King Robert’s bastard has made one hell of a showing in this tournament so far. He faces his toughest test to date against Queen Daenerys Targaryen. Daenerys won her opening matchups agains Sweet Robin and Davos easily. However Gendry has something neither of those challengers did.

Where'd my shirt go?

Where’d my shirt go?

Daenerys has shown a major weakness for a pretty face considering that she made the roguish Daario Naharis one of her closest allies after knowing next to nothing about him. You can’t really blame her considering she’s surrounded by 8 thousand dong-less Unsullied and the far-too-old Jorah and Barristan. Gendry is a smooth talker who was able to get the hard-willed Arya on his side. Charming Daenerys should be a piece of cake. What about Dany’s dragons?? If season 5 is to be believed she can’t control them these days and she’s not interested in trying. Daenerys is a broken woman who for the first time in her short reign is no longer loved by all. The freed slaves of Meereen hate her and just can’t stop hissing about it.  It’s pretty simple. Daenerys is surrounded by enemies and Gendry is as free as a bird. Daenerys drops her guard to Sir 6-Pack. GENDRY WINS


Jon Snow has taken a hard line this year regarding the wars of the Seven Kingdoms. He turned down Stannis’ offer to become Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell. Jon had his best chance at getting everything he ever wanted and he intended to turn it down due to his honour. Luckily for him he was elected the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch about 14 seconds later. Jon Snow doesn’t want to be King. Tommen is adjusting to the crown nicely. He is a teenager who gets to have sex with Maergery Tyrell JUST because he’s King. It’s pretty simple. Tommen wants it more. Jon Snow gets daggered. TOMMEN WINS

DISCLAIMER: I realize that I’ve just knocked off the top two challengers for the Throne in Dany and Jon Snow. I just don’t see either of them ruling by the end of the series. Jaime Lannister had him pegged within minutes; Jon wants glory, not the burden of ruling. Jon has changed a lot since then, but he’s still the first to play the Hero when the situation calls for it. If he survives the series he’s likely to go off and win more glory or enjoy a quiet life in the North. I personally don’t think Daenerys will survive. It’s as if George R.R. Martin stacked the deck by giving her dragons to make everyone just assume that Dragon girl is going to win it all. Something is going to get in her way. 

#1 CERSEI vs #12 ARYA

This was the hardest decision for me in the entire tournament. Cersei being on Arya’s “Death List” makes it easy for me to think that Cersei is a goner. I do think that Arya will play a role in the deaths of Meryn Trant, The Zombie-Mountain and Walder Frey. 3 out of 4 aint bad. Arya’s advantage in this tournament has been her mean streak. She’s now up against the Maddest person in Westeros since the Mad King. It’s truly a coin toss between these two. Arya has the hunger for revenge, but Cersei has something that many of this tournament’s losers lack. She has the hunger to RULE. I personally think that the Iron Throne brings nothing but doom for Starks. At the end of the day Cersei is still ruling the roost in King’s Landing while Arya is in self-exile in Braavos. Arya will return to Westeros eventually but it won’t be to rule. Arya dies, igniting Northern fury against the Lannisters. CERSEI WINS



The Grumpkin Bracket was where the action is. It was filled with the schemers, the corrupt ne’er do wells with more on their mind than honor. This match-up has more magic than a David Copperfield/Criss Angel Pajama Jammy Jam. The White Walkers are way to Westeros at a glacial pace. Melisandre is now at the Wall. The fun thing about Melisandre is I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface of her powers on the show. She mentioned to Davos that she could have saved Stannis’ burnt sailors at the Battle of the Blackwater. How in the blue hell would she have done that? Melisandre has been painted as an agent of evil so far in the series. I think that some time spent at the Wall cozying up to Jon Snow will allow viewers to see a change for the good within Melisandre. Melisandre is one of the only people who seem to understand what is going on between the White Walkers and R’Hollor. She might be the Seven Kingdom’s only hope to put an end to the White Walkers. I have a feeling that she will eventually show X-Men levels of control over fire. The White Walkers seem to be ice personified. What does fire to do ice? The White Walkers become a puddle. MELISANDRE WINS


That wraps up the Elite 8. But the Gods have been good and decided to bless us with a swift end to the tournament. Lets get into the FINAL FOUR.


The last time a Westerosi Dynasty was overthrown it was because a Baratheon mourned the death of his beloved Lady Stark. Who says it can’t happen again? Since Cersei spilled wine all over Arya’s plans for betrayal in the last round Gendry has nothing but hate for the Lannister cause. Once Gendry rows himself into Blackwater Bay and declares himself Robert Baratheon’s only true heir I have a feeling things will crumble for Tommen. The Lords of the North, Vale, Riverlands and even Dorne are likely to rally behind Gendry for an end to the Lannister reign. Based on his recent outburst even Kevan Lannister might side with Gendry in order to be the outright head of House Lannister under a new regime. Why do I put so much faith in Gendry? Because at the end of this series unless the monarchy is dissolved completely someone HAS to rule. I don’t see it being a Lannister or a Stark because that’s just too obvious. Westeros needs a third party candidate they can back. Gendry pounds Tommen like a hammer hitting an anvil. GENDRY WINS



What I wouldn’t give to see these two go head to head on the show. Melisandre defeated the threat of the White Walkers in the Elite 8. Now she faces true evil. Whats makes this fun is neither combatant is worth a damn with a sword. Cersei wields diplomacy while Melisandre uses fire magic and deadly Shadow assassins. The problem is Melisandre has always required a man’s help in order to get her point across. Cersei has been running the show in Kings Landing for YEARS after King Robert Baratheons death. Now she’s even sent her brother lover Jaime on a suicide mission to Dorne. She’s got all the power to herself and I don’t see her giving it up. Once Stannis and company are out of the picture Melisandre will be lost without the support of her Noble Lords. Cersei is alone and that’s how she likes it. Cersei unleashes the Lannister Army on a single person. CERSEI WINS

Mmmm..tastes like Victory!

Mmmm..tastes like Victory!

And here we go. All of my rambling has led to this. The War for Westeros is down to a Bastard vs an Incestuous former Queen who planned the death of her husband. George Arf Arf Martin wouldn’t have it any other way.



Cersei has committed many sins as Queen and one of them is about to bite her in the arse. She made sure that all of King Robert’s bastards were killed to ensure that she would have no remaining threats to her power. What she doesnt know is that she missed one of them. Gendry is a young man who has battled his way through the tourney with charisma and strength. He also has a blood right to the throne. Cersei has steamrolled the competition, playing The Reigns of Castamere night and day. Cersei’s downfall is her tunnel vision like focus on keeping the Iron Throne within her grasp. Her focus on that prize blinds her to enemies sneaking up behind her. I don’t think that Gendry would kill Cersei, or any other woman for that matter. That’s what makes him the perfect King. He’s stronger than Tommen and softer than Stannis. He’s the Lord’s chosen brand of cereal. Cersei is drowned in wine by the smallfolk who’ve despised her for years. LONG LIVE KING GENDRY



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