The Hound Should Play Solomon Grundy


Today’s post is an open fan-letter to a current MIA GOT cast member, Rory McCann AKA The Hound. Since WB and DC are revamping their superhero roster for the big screen, I think Mr. McCaan is the perfect choice to play the towering zombie, Solomon Grundy.

Just paint him Grey already

Just paint him Grey already

Like everyone else on Earth, I love superhero movies. Since Marvel is firing on all cylinders these days thanks to the Avengers, DC has been playing catch-up trying to establish a super-foothold of their own. On one hand they have Batman v Superman coming to theaters which will probably give audiences a glimpse at the Justice League, a group of DC’s Super BFFs. On the other side, WB/DC is currently shooting Suicide Squad, a movie made up of a Rogue’s Gallery of DC comics greatest villains. Last week we were given our first look at what these villains are going to look like.

suicide squad

I get that it’s just a first look, but that’s one awful first look. Even Will Smith can’t make this group look reputable. None of the characters really grab my interest. THAT’S why WB needs to give The Hound a call. The Hound makes an impression. From the first time we saw his face to the last shot of Arya abandoning him in the Vale, the audience CARES about The Hound even when he’s doing evil things.


Solomon Grundy is basically a Zombie with super-strength and a healing factor (basically makes him unkillable). I could see Solomon Grundy playing a similar role as The Hulk. Before he was transformed, Grundy was known as Cyrus Gold. I don’t see why Grundy couldn’t be a local thug known as Cyrus Gold by day, and by night he transforms into the monstrous Grundy. That would allow an actor more to do than just growl and punch. McCaan is a large enough man to provide a threatening presence but his quick-wit and sly-smirk make him more than just another bad guy. That’s the problem with the above Suicide Squad image. Everyone just blends into the background, even Will Smith. In a freakishly large cast like GOT, The Hound always stood out from the crowd.

who didnt love this?

who didnt love this?

It seems like The Hound is taking Season 5 off to lick his wounds from all the rock-punches he got from Brienne. He MAY have died from his wounds but until I see a corpse I’m assuming The Hound will return. So it’s not like McCaan doesn’t have the free-time to take on a major role. I think that McCaan is a talented actor who would be wasted by just appearing in random BBC mini-series for the remainder of his career. Much like Gwendoline Christie AKA Brienne being cast in Star Wars, I think the internet’s nerd population would explode at the thought of McCaan getting another major role within the DC Universe.


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