Maybe Dany will finally love Jorah if he looks like this??

Maybe Dany will finally love Jorah if he looks like this??

During last Sunday’s episode, Tyrion pointed out what we were all thinking. Jorah Mormont is a bonehead. Jorah kidnapped Tyrion in order to take him him to Queen Daenerys and maaaybe get back in her good graces. The problem is that Tyrion was ALREADY on his way to meet with Dany and there’s a 50/50 chance that Dany will find the half-man adorable and execute Jorah anyway. With Tyrion’s gift of gab this scenario is highly likely. So there’s got to be another reason for pairing Jorah and Tyrion on this two man boat ride right? That reason is GREYSCALE.


Greyscale is Game of Thrones’ equivalent to leprosy. Greyscale causes the victim’s skin to become, you guessed it..grey and scaly! If you aren’t able to cure it (i.e. if you aren’t freakishly rich) the scales will eventually cover your body and kill you within a few years. People who are covered with greyscale are known as Stonemen. Like leprosy, those who have greyscale, even if it has been cured, are viewed as unclean. There have been numerous greyscale references in Season 5, from characters like Gilly (her sisters had it), Tyrion, and everybody’s favorite hugger, Stannis Baratheon.

This much adorableness means Stannis is a dead man

This much adorableness means Stannis is a dead man


In the books, Tyrion is on a boat in Essos and his boat is attacked by Stonemen. Tyrion falls overboard but is saved at the last minute by an exiled knight named Jon Connington. Afterwards Tyrion is completely fine but Connington has caught greyscale from either fighting the stonemen or from reaching into the “cursed river” to save Tyrion. It looks like Jon Connington will be cut from the television series but this story line will likely be passed to somebody else. That somebody is Jorah “Baby Bear” Mormont.

jorah hate

Jorah catching greyscale fixes a lot of the logical problems of getting him back in Queen Dany’s good graces. He will have saved Tyrion’s life, so Tyrion won’t hold a grudge over being kidnapped. Also Daenerys will take pity on Jorah since it’s unlikely that his Greyscale will be curable like it was for Shireen Baratheon. I don’t think that Jorah will keep his greyscale a secret like Connington does in the books. If Jorah hasn’t learned his lesson about keeping secrets from Dany by now he deserves to be dragon-chow.

I don’t want Jorah to catch greyscale. I think the poor guy has gone through enough. He doesn’t even know that his father Jeor Mormont was murdered and later people drank wine from his skull. And Jorah’s dealt with all of the friendzone paperwork and heartache while apparently only owning one shirt and a blue scarf clearly meant for a woman. There have just been WAAAY too many greyscale references in Season 5 for it to mean nothing.


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